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kirk hopkins

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I studied percussion up through high-school under Dan Meeks and through college under Dr. Bill Albin. My vocal background comes from learning about music in band and singing hymns. After graduating college I picked up the guitar and (being a techie) used a computer program to learn how to play. Later, I picked up the bass. I'm definitely a percussionist at heart.


I married my amazing wife just out of college. I have enjoyed leading worship with her on Sunday mornings since GZUSLIVZ was formed back in 2004. She has an amazing voice, a beautiful heart, and is my best friend. Together, we have 3 wonderful children; Rachel, Natalie, & Seth. I am enjoying watching them grow up and feel blessed to get to spend as much time with them as I do.


God loves me more than I'll ever really know, even though I don't deserve it. I believe that He sent his son, Jesus, who died on the cross to save me from my sin. It's through faith that I receive the forgiveness, mercy, and grace that he offers me.

Famous Kirk quotes

If you can say it, you can play it
Not with that kind of attitude
We all make choices
You can choose to have a good day or a bad day, what choice are you going to make?
It’s not broken, so how can it be fixed?
Everything has a priority, some are just higher than others
Never is a long time
Most people don't really know how to do their jobs, they just make it up as they go along

Other interests

Primarily computers & technology. I like to dabble in amateur photography and videography. I'm a computer programmer/musician/techie; with a mix like that you can probably guess where my interests lie.

pam hopkins

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Family and other interests

My name is Pam Hopkins and I have been singing with GZUSLIVZ since it's inception in 2004 with my husband, Kirk. He is my best friend through thick and thin and he is our fearless leader, both in ministry and at home. Together, we have three kids and I am very proud of them all. In addition to singing, I enjoy painting, scrapbooking and hanging out with my family.


I have had the desire to follow Jesus ever since I can remember. I was baptized as a teenager, but didn't come to a full understanding of Christianity until I was in college. I used to see God as the big hall monitor in the sky - just waiting for me to mess up. Now, I know He is my loving heavenly Father. He doesn't want me to mess up, but His love and forgiveness is unconditional. God has given me more than I could have ever asked for and I thank Him for the grace and mercy He shows me every day.


Back when I was a kid, we had these books in church called hymnals. They had hundreds of pages of songs with words and musical notes that we would use to worship each Sunday. When I got tired of singing the melodies, I started learning to sing the harmonies. This is where I fell in love with the way music can blend together to make one beautiful sound. Although I prefer more contemporary songs nowadays, I think it's rather fitting that my favorite song on the Worship from Okeana album is Amazing Grace - a classic hymn. I hope that you are blessed by our music as much as we have been blessed by bringing it to you.

carley wesseler

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Hi, my name is Carley Wesseler and I have been singing with gzuslivz since August 2013. The group took me under their wing and I immediately felt better. I love the joy of getting up every morning to spread the Word of God. I have always grown up in some type of a church and I think it's great to learn at a young age about your Savior. Other than singing at church, I like to read, play volleyball, and do cheerleading. I also like to hang out with my friends and family.

natalie hopkins

natalie hopkins 01Natalie has lead motions at the Children's worship service at Legacy Christian Church for many years. She wrote and sang a song on our What's Next album and has a new one on the 3rd album titled "I'll Live for Him" and one on our 5th album titled "Do Not Fear". Natalie's first Sunday leading worship as a vocalist was 08-10-2014.

gzuslivz Membership Expectations and Guidelines

Our goals in leading worship in song

  1. God is glorified
  2. Christ is exalted
  3. The Holy Spirit has the freedom to minister
  4. The believer is encouraged in heart and mind
  5. The unbeliever is drawn to Christ

Leading worship

  1. Worship is the acts and attitudes of wholeheartedly giving ourselves to God – spirit, soul and body (Romans 12:1 and Mark 12:30)
  2. The goal of leading Worship is to help the people come before God to offer pleasing sacrifices to Him
  3. Memorizing music makes it easier to worship God and not worry about what’s coming up next
  4. Worship is connecting with God. While we are learning new songs, emphasis is placed on the song, but we should strive to Worship God in song during practice as well as on Sunday morning
  5. We are not playing for the kids, we’re worshipping God; the kids may not require perfection and God doesn’t either. God does require respect and he requires our best (Malachi 1:6-14)

Requirements to be part of gzuslivz

  1. Age: 9th grade and up
  2. Regular attendance at Legacy Christian Church (Harrison, OH)
  3. Musical proficiency
  4. Audition with Kirk
  5. 4 weeks of practice and worship service attendance with the group
  6. 1 year commitment